Russian troops are preparing to retreat from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to occupied Mariupol can testify to this


Military expert Ivan Kyrychevskyi told about this on Espresso.

In his opinion, the campaign with Putin's visits to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine is more aimed at the Russian generals and has a propaganda purpose. 

"It is quite likely that Putin's visit to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine was also intended to show his authority in the Russian army, which will have to make difficult decisions again very soon. Therefore, to have the courage to retreat, you need a figure you can rely on. Putin's visit to the occupied territories and should have given the Russian army more courage to retreat from the Ukrainian territories," Kyrychevsky explained.

We will remind you that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, came to the temporarily occupied Mariupol in Donetsk region. collected everything that is known about the arrival of the Kremlin dictator to the city.

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