Russian President

Vladimir Putin

visited the temporarily occupied Mariupol and visited the Nevsky district, where the occupiers are allegedly building houses to replace the destroyed ones. 

He talked to the owners of new apartments in one of the high-rise buildings.

In the video published by Russian propagandists, the people of Mariupol happily welcome the dictator.

The Internet immediately began to write that these are traditionally fake characters.

The "Mariupol. Resistance" Telegram channel has already identified several of them.

According to published information, the woman who thanked Putin "for the victory" turned out to be Iryna Volosatova.

"I used to live with my parents in my house... They robbed our entire apartment with my whole family, they didn't let my mother go to her own apartment, the apartment of the neighbor upstairs was also ransacked. I was always in favor of the Russian Federation, dissatisfied with everything, the Ukrainian authorities and life in Ukraine — you can all see the result in this video. She made herself look 15 years older," the post says.

According to the mass media, another identified person is Oleksiy Khavyar, who lived in the Kalmius district of Mariupol.

Photo: Associated Press

What is known about Putin's visit to Mariupol

At night, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol, Donetsk region, which was bombed by the Russian army after a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The head of the Russian Federation was accompanied by the deputy head of the Russian government Marat Husnullin.

The dictator flew to the Russian-occupied city by helicopter.

After that, he allegedly drove around several districts of the city, "memorable places" and the theater building. 

According to the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko, during Putin's night visit to the city, there was no Gauleiter with him.

Neither Donetsk region nor Mariupol.

The day before, on March 18, dictator

 Putin visited Crimea 

to open an art school.

The so-called governor of Sevastopol, Mykhailo Razvozhaev, said that a meeting was allegedly planned with Putin via video link, but the Russian president arrived in person.

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