Users of social networks recognized several residents of Mariupol who allegedly met with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

This is also reported in Mariupol.Sprovit.

Yes, the man who told Putin that he lost everything, but now got an apartment, according to witnesses, Mykola Lotkov.

And next to him in the video are his son Dmytro, daughter-in-law Kateryna and family friend Oleksiy Bondarenko.

Photo: Mariupol. Opposite

The source noted that during the bombings, the Lotkov family engaged in looting.

Moreover, witnesses write that the woman who thanked Putin "for the victory" is Iryna Volosatova, who is also accused of theft.

And her house burned to the ground.

We will remind you that there is an opinion that the occupiers are preparing to retreat, as evidenced by the visit of the head of the Kremlin to Mariupol.

Previously, collected everything about the arrival of Vladimir Putin to captured Mariupol.

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