Before the advent of Leap February, there are still two days to help parents prepare pork knuckle noodles to extend their birthdays.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Nantou Report] Starting from the 22nd is the second month of the lunar calendar. If a married daughter has not sent pig’s knuckle noodles to her parents, she can buy them today and tomorrow to extend her parents’ life. Folklore expert Liao Dayi said that this year The five zodiac signs of Tai Sui, including the rabbit, rooster, rat, horse, and dragon, should be cautious and conservative in the leap month, and remember that the leap month is "the head and not the tail", that is, people born in the second month of the lunar calendar, Don't celebrate birthdays in February.

Folklore expert Liao Dayi pointed out that this year’s Kuimao year is the second month of leap, which means there will be 384 days. According to legend, years with leap months will shorten the lifespan due to the length of the year. Therefore, some married daughters prepare pig’s feet noodles for their parents before the leap month. The custom of adding thread to longevity, if you have not helped your natal parents to buy pork knuckle noodles for your daughter, hurry up and do it in these two days, because there is a custom of "making the head but not the tail" in the leap month, so to help your parents extend their birthdays, you must do it in February Therefore, those who have not bought pig’s feet noodles for their natal parents can still prepare them today and tomorrow. If they really don’t have time to prepare, they can prepare red envelopes with an even number of money, and write “pig’s feet noodles” on the red envelopes.

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Tomorrow (21st) is the "spring equinox" in the 24 solar terms. The day and night are equal. It is recommended to replenish yang energy and attract wealth. You can face the sun in the morning and take a deep breath and bask in the sun. After a few days in a row, you will be able to Replenish yang energy and absorb positive energy. After replenishing positive energy, it will enter leap February on the 22nd. The first half of leap February is Yimao month, and the second half is Bingchen month. People, those born in the Year of the Rat and the Horse, and those born in the Year of the Dragon, should act cautiously in the intercalary February, and restrain their temper, so as to get through it safely.

In addition, this year is the Double Spring Year of the Black Rabbit, which is more likely to have rotten peach blossoms, especially for the five zodiac signs that are on the opposite side of Tai Sui. trouble.

Liao Dayi said that there is a custom of "making the head and not the tail" in the leap month. It is not only used to help parents extend their birthdays, but also applies to people born in the second month of the lunar calendar.

March 21st in the national calendar is the vernal equinox, and on the 22nd of the next day, it enters the leap month.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

March 21st is the "spring equinox". Folklore expert Liao Dayi suggested that you take advantage of the morning sun to take a deep breath and bask in the sun to absorb positive energy. Entering February on the 22nd, you can still absorb more positive energy, cultivate your body and mind more, and act cautiously.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)