Russian soprano Anna, who was formerly pro-Putin.

Anna Netrebko was "double banned" both at home and abroad.


[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] Russia invaded Ukraine. In addition to economic and trade sanctions, the art circle was also affected. Many top Russian artists or groups were boycotted by many countries.

Russian soprano Anna, who was formerly close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Anna Netrebko's scheduled visit to Taiwan sparked controversy, and Taiwan organizers canceled her concert on February 28.

However, it is worth noting that a US judge recently ruled.

The Metropolitan Opera in New York should pay her at least 200,000 yuan (over NT$6.12 million) in compensation for canceling Netribuko's performance in 2022.

The New York Times reported that the opera house was reluctant to pay Netribuko because she refused to denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin after Russia invaded Kralan, in what the opera house sees as a breach of contract.

But the judge noted that the singer had the right to be a "Putin supporter" and that her stance was not illegal.

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Additionally, the Met was contractually obliged to pay Netrebko whether or not she performed.

The judge ruled that the theater should pay Netribuko more than $200,000 for canceling her show in 2010.

Netribuko also wanted $400,000 in compensation for future seasons, but France did not agree to this request because there was no such clause in the contract.

The report pointed out that Netribuko was also required to pay a fine of US$30,000 (approximately S$6.12 million) for making "inappropriate" remarks about his criticism.

The Met also announced the firing of Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov, Netribkov's son-in-law, the report said.

In early March last year, the New York Metropolitan Opera announced that Netribkoko would not participate in upcoming performances because she did not fulfill her request to publicly support Russian President Vladimir Putin in the context of the events in Ukraine.

For the same reason, Germany's Bavarian State Opera also terminated its relationship with Netribko.

Under pressure from all parties, on February 26 last year, Netribko expressed his views on Russia's invasion of Ukraine for the first time, emphasizing his opposition to the war.

In a statement on Instagram, she said: "I am a Russian and I love my country but I have many friends in Ukraine and the pain and suffering breaks my heart. I hope this war can stop and people can live in peace Among them. That's what I hope and pray for."

Netribuko was subsequently fired by the Metropolitan Opera on the grounds that while she ostensibly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she publicly said it was a mistake to ask Russian artists to condemn their government and refused to condemn the people who started the war. Ting.

Netribuko kept his distance from Putin, but also angered the Russian arts and cultural circles. The organizer of the Novosibirsk Opera in Siberia subsequently announced the cancellation of her planned concert, and sarcastically said, "Life Being in Europe and having the opportunity to play in European concert halls seems to be more important (for her) than the fate of her homeland."