[Central News Agency] 1 bus, 1 combined vehicle, 3 large trucks, and 5 small passenger vehicles collided in the early morning on the 204.3 km northbound section of National Highway 1, causing 6 men and 1 woman to be injured. Scattered objects occupy the driveway, and the entire line is closed for leakage treatment.

The Central District Maintenance Engineering Branch of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications issued a message early this morning that a collision accident occurred in the early morning of 1 bus, 1 combined vehicle, 3 large trucks, and 5 small passenger vehicles at the 204.3 km northbound section of National Highway 1 in Changhua County. , The scattered objects occupy the entire lane, and the traffic flow is blocked for 1 or 2 kilometers. Please use the passerby to drive away from the expressway through the Puyan system to avoid the accident site.

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Due to the large steel beams and other debris scattered on the driveway, after the accident, the Gaogong Bureau closed the Puyan system to the north of Changhua, and then further expanded the closure to Yuanlin, guiding passers-by to leave the national highway from the Yuanlin Interchange. Because the steel beams were too heavy, General tow trucks can't handle it. The Gaogong Bureau contacted a special large-scale crane to rush from Taichung to Changhua overnight, and tried their best to lift it away in the morning and resume traffic.

The Central Sub-bureau of the Gaogong Bureau stated that the accident is currently being handled by the Third Highway Police Brigade of the National Highway Police Bureau and the Gaogong Bureau, and traffic control and traffic flow are being carried out. Because this traffic accident involved large vehicles and scattered objects Full lanes, processing time may be extended.

The Changhua County Fire Department received a report at 1:9 a.m. that a car accident had occurred on the Xiushui Township section 204 kilometers north of National Highway No. 1. The fire brigades of Xihu, Puxin, and Puyan were dispatched to the scene. A total of 6 men and 1 The woman was injured, but fortunately she was conscious. Some of the injured walked into the ambulance by themselves. The injured were sent to Changhua Christian Hospital and Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital for treatment.

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