Large-scale military aid to Ukraine from Western partners began only when the Ukrainian Armed Forces began successfully defeating the invading Russian forces.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this in his video blog.

"No one expected that the war would reach such a scale.

Western partners, holding their breath, sat for four days and waited - whether Kyiv would fall or not.

And when Kyiv did not fall, they began to think about what to do with this war.

And when the war started to flare up and in the first weeks we began to crush the Russian troops, quite successfully launch counterattacks in various operational directions, then the question of helping Ukraine immediately arose," he noted.

The expert reminded that the first Rammstein was as early as April 2022. 

"When the Ukrainian air defense system began to revive, when Russian planes began to be shot down in our skies, [Western partners] began to think that Ukraine could survive the war, but the scale of the war increased, the cost of ammunition increased..." Zhdanov noted.

According to him, the military-industrial complex of our partners in the West "was rocking" for too long, because they "did not expect that we would be alive a week after the invasion."

It will be recalled that during the briefing on the results of "Ramstein-10", US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said that the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine will continue to provide support as much as it is needed.

In particular, Sweden will provide Ukraine with 10 tanks, Norway together with the USA will transfer air defense systems to NASAMS.

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