The United States has confirmed that Chinese munitions were used on the battlefields in Ukraine, which it suspects were fired by Russian forces, government sources said, quoted by BTA.

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The sources said it was unclear whether the munitions were supplied by China, but added that Washington was ready to take action if it was confirmed that Beijing had made the deliveries.

Amid the spate of disagreements between the US and China, officials recently said Washington has intelligence indicating Beijing is considering sending arms and ammunition to Russia.

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"This is something we are vigilant about and continue to monitor closely," a US State Department official said.

Washington has notified some of its partners of the confirmation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to pay a three-day state visit to Moscow starting Monday.

The US government determined that the munitions found in Ukraine were made in China after analyzing their composition and other factors, the sources said.

However, they did not disclose what type of ammunition was found.

Russian invasion of Ukraine