The United States of America confirmed the use of Chinese ammunition in Ukraine.

However, the United States still does not know whether they were delivered directly by Beijing.

 Kyodo News


about it .

As the newspaper reports, Washington is always ready to take measures if there is confirmation that the supply was made by Beijing.

The day before, US officials said that Washington has intelligence indicating that Beijing is considering supplying arms and ammunition to Russia.

"This is something that we are closely monitoring and continue to monitor closely," said a representative of the US State Department.

The fact that the ammunition was made in China is evidenced, in particular, by the analysis of their composition.

However, the sources did not reveal which ammunition was found.

It is also reported that the US has already warned its partners about this.

We would like to add that the Ukrainian and American representatives of the state authorities held an online meeting.

The parties discussed the further provision of the necessary assistance, in particular equipment, weapons and

ammunition for the Armed Forces


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