The coronavirus pandemic could have started due to the sale of raccoon dogs infected with


in the market of the Chinese city of Wuhan .

The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing genetic data collected on the market for live products.

The Guardian writes about it.

Analysis of the gene sequences showed that some of the COVID-positive samples were rich in raccoon dog DNA.

In addition, traces of DNA belonging to other mammals, particularly civets, were also present in the COVID-positive samples.

Scientists note that such a discovery does not prove that raccoon dogs or other animals infected with the virus caused the pandemic.

However, they believe that this theory is becoming more likely. 

"The data point even more to a market origin," said Professor Christian Andersen.

Virologist Jonathan Stoy said the discovery of raccoon dogs infected with the coronavirus raises the possibility that farm animals were an important link in the chain of events that led to the pandemic.

We will remind you that the World Health Organization believes that they will be able to announce the end of the  COVID-19


pandemic by the end of 2023.

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