The first coin, 1960, Reverend Father Daeng, Wat Khao Bandai It, of Sonthaya Sri Noi.

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which today opens the stage as well

Phra Somdej Bang Khun Phrom

Printing Yarn, Wat Mai Amatarot, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, 1 of the 3 main popular prints of Somdej Fang Bang Khun Phrom.

Monk monks call it abbreviated to rhyme with big print (thread) good -- meaning that there is only gain and no loss. Therefore, it is a type that fortune-seekers worship very much.

Most importantly, the yarn print is a real Bang Khun Phrom amulet print.

There is no reprint with Wat Rakhang.

with a distinctive identity

The line art is subtle but sharp, it is a high-level relief art.

which is a Buddhist art in the early Rattanakosin period

Phra Somdej Bang Khun Phrom

Print Yarn Wat Mai Amatarot of "Poi Sia" Mr. Chaithat Techapaiboon.

This piece is in perfect, original condition with no repairs.

As expected in the nest of "Nai" Chaithat Techapaiboon or Poi Sia, who is the pillar of the monk circle from the past to the present.

which keeps only great monks

The second one is Phra Rod, shallow mold, Wat Mahawan, Muang district, Lamphun province. The authentic amulet is easy to see, both form and form that is not distorted and bent.

The amulet print is clear, full, beautiful print, original condition, standard texture color.

complete formula

The flesh surface appears stains, black mold clinging tightly to the texture.

clearly visible all around

tell age to age naturally

This is a monk that is easy to buy and sell fluently.

Whoever is looking for it must hurry to negotiate with Sia Weerachai Chaicharoen, who is known as a quick buy and sell fluently.

Phra Rod, Shallow print, Wat Mahawan, by Weerachai Chaijaroen.

Followed by the votive votive gable

Shin lead beef

Phra Kru Wimolkunakorn (Luang Pu Suk), Pak Klong Makham Thao Temple, Wat Sing District, Chainat Province, of Sia Sathit, Ratchaburi, who sent each one to be a sensation.

Because besides being a popular main Buddha image

It's easy to see

It is also a monk with a distinctive feature, a rare monk or a dark-looking monk with special powers.

Because it has the knowledge that old monks are popular with, they tend to keep it for worship and not release it easily.

The gable votive votive

Chin Takua Beef, Reverend Grandfather Suk, Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao, of Satit Ratchaburi.

Like this one, which is a popular print in the front row

But rarely found, extremely rare in the family of Phra Luang Pu Suk, the body of the amulet is Chin Takua, with rusty wax growing on the surface to be seen all over the body.

Telling the age of the era, like a teacher, the more you look at it, the more it looks.

and believes that there is a powerful and magical force

The 4th one is the first coin, 1960, made of blackened copper.

Phra Khru Yarnwilas (Luang Pho Daeng), Khao Bandai It Temple, Muang District, Phetchaburi Province, Phra Kechi Medal, the price of millions, which has been sought as a hot trend, the first number of the era from Sia Sontaya Sri Noi, which is arranged into the 5-star monk file. Immediately because of premium quality

Before 2-3 years, I used to find 2-3 champion medals of Phetchaburi people. When I find this one, I'm not sure if it's more beautiful or not.

But make sure it's comfortable to compare.

because of the sharpness of the printed image of the Buddha image, the letter, the inscription

Blemishes and blackened texture

This coin is beautiful, perfect, original, full of hundred, without wrinkles, touching, used as well.

It's about challenging for the championship.

with every coin

that must be judged by placing the actual coin for comparison

Shining at each other as a point

Sema medal, gold texture, 1950, Reverend Father Mui, Don Rai Temple, Bombay Suphan.

Another office is a Sema medal, grasshopper eye, 1950, gold material, Luang Pho Mui, Don Rai temple, Suphanburi province, another immortal monk.

that the people of Suphan Buri have faith and worship

Even though he passed away a long time ago

The temple still keeps his corpse in a glass coffin for laymen to worship.

He is a native of Sam Chuk District, Suphan Buri Province, born on December 5, 1888. He was ordained for the first time in yellow robes for 10 years, so he came to help his parents work.

Went to ordain again at Wat Don Buppharam in 1922 and was determined to study the Dhamma.

Magic from the masters of the era such as Reverend Father Im, Hua Khao Temple, Reverend Pu Suk, Pak Klong Makhamtao Temple, Reverend Pu On, Don Buppha Temple, Reverend Father Koon, Ban Thung Temple, Reverend Pu Plang, Wimon Phokaram Temple.

Until skilled, brave, strong, magical

It has always been dependent on the villagers.

Until his death at the age of 86 in 1974 he was named as a monk of the 5 countries

Throughout the life of the monk

Many models of talismans are famous and highly popular, such as the first batch of amulets, 1954 BE, Takrut, Thong Maharaj, Takrut cloth, tweezers, Fan Yot Singha, portrait of Phra Somdet, on the back of the Takrut, Three Kings, the photograph on the back of the Takrut.

and Sema coins that were created in the first phase during the year 1950-1957, there are 2 materials: silver, side saw, made from the factory

With gold material, made at the temple in ancient style with local craftsman's wisdom by forming from a sharp silver coin by bringing gold leaf to be rolled onto (mask) and then removed to cover the front and back together into a coin.

Causing a gap in the coin, therefore often found as a collapse in gold coins This coin type of Sia Bombay Suphan is very rare.

Phra Khong, large print (Chalud), Chin texture, Reverend Grandfather Phring, Bang Pakok Temple, of Man Ratana.

The 6th one is Phra Khong, large mold, chalud, Chin texture, Phra Kru Prasat Sikkhakit.

(Luang Pu Pring), Bang Pakok Temple, Rat Burana District, Bangkok, another popular standard type that has been created as well

meat powder mixed with love


with Nue Chin, who is a straight line who knows deeply and really knows each other

Because there are few good things, very rare, especially the one in perfect condition, clear print, right texture, like this one, from Sia Man Ratana, a true professional.

for having faith in the Lord

therefore know deeply the amulets, sacred objects, Luang Pu Pring, all models, all styles

Thao Wessuwan coin, gold material, 2002, Phra Ajarn Itt, Chulamani Temple, of Sia Wisut Charoenyon.

Another line item

Thao Wessuwan who Sai Mu said that this year must be worshiped.

(Phra Achan It) Chulamani Temple, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram Province

Another monk who is famous for magic at the forefront of the Amphawa River in this era

He is the creator of the legend of Thao Wessuwan in the vision that Thao Wessuwan

who told me to build a Buddha statue that must be built by craftsmen from Phetchaburi

by name in the vision

Therefore gaining faith as a trend both outside and within the country

that there is a power of fortune

Protection against evil spirits, bad luck and worshiping

He is an Amphawa native, born in 1955 with the surname Amonratanabodi, ordained as a novice in 1971 and ordained in 1977 at Chulamani Temple with Luang Por Nueang.


Reverend Father Itt grew up in Dharma until he was appointed abbot of Chulamani Temple in 1990 and was later promoted to a special rank of Phra Khru contracted in the royal name of Phrakhru Sophitwiriyaphon.

All the time he studied subjects diligently.

especially in the field of magic

He sought to leave himself as a disciple to learn all subjects from the monks.

Almost every celebrity of the era

For example, learning the fire protection bird subject with Reverend Grandfather Sai of Wat Nong Song Hong, studying Yan Tri Nisinghe with Reverend Grandfather Toh of Pradoochimplee temple.

With Reverend Father Puek, Suan Luang Temple, learning the boat anointing subject with Reverend Pu Kwan, Phodok Temple, studying the Takrud of 16 gods, besides, Reverend Father Klee, Prachakositaram Temple and Reverend Father Nueng, Chulamani Temple, the preceptor taught the watershed magic. Amphawa

inherited from Reverend Father Khong of Wat Bangkapom, Reverend Father Jai of Sadet Temple

As for Luang Pu Yod, Kaew Charoen Temple, he received 5 colors of Takrud Lok That Mai and Luang Pho Phin, Ubon Wanaram Temple, Ratchaburi, gave him Maha Prap Hanuman Chuen Thong subject, while Luang Pho Phrom, Khanon Nuea Temple, Ayutthaya Province, received Narai image transformation subject and learned Yan Na Chapphanrangsri from Reverend Father Mian

Wat Pho Kob Chao, Ayutthaya Province

and many more monks

until it was named

The successor of Phutthakhom Wisdom of the Amphawa River Basin

as a disciple

Reverend Father Nueang

The inheritor of Luang Pho Khong, Bang Ka Phom Temple, Luang Pu Jai, Sadet Temple

when you create

This coin depicting Thao Wessuwan "Remember Pee" was issued as a souvenir.

in creating Thao Wessuwan as in vision

at the temple as the first model in the year 2002 for the power to protect the spirit

Arathana is used to worship and solve the bad year.

Solves unlucky subjects

therefore popular

It is the foremost coin in the coin you have created so far.

Especially the gold coin, a beautiful body, unboxed condition like this coin of Sia Wisut Charoen Yont, which has only made 80 coins, heard that they find a lot of people at a very high price.

and still rising

Chao Sua, retro model 6, silver material, gold face

Wat Klang Bang Kaeo

Next, request a report on the construction of Phra Chao Sua, Wat Klang Bang Kaeo.

Which was launched at the temple on March 4, open for reservations at 8 a.m. By evening, all meat was gone, as Sika Ang said, it was extremely hot.

because big temples do not have to build new amulets for a very long time

Wat Klang Bang Kaeo

Therefore occupying the field in one office with Phra Chao Sua, retro according to the recipe of Luang Pu Boon, this time in 2023 is the creation of Phra Chao Sua, generation 6, in the era of Luang Pho Phra Kru Thammathonphira, the abbot

Anyone who can't reserve it in time, don't be disappointed.

because when consecrated

can be found in all 5 materials of Sian, namely gold, silver with gold face, silver, silver, nawa metal, copper

goodbye with ending

In a coffee shop on the roadside in the Sampran area where Sia Nom, a popular monk in the area

Sitting and negotiating for sale Phra Pid Ta Maha Ut, a famous temple that the industry plays for a price of hundreds of thousands.

but he told me to sell at a price of ten thousand with a familiar young man

By talking about the power of Mahaud

be invulnerable

Said that the skin is sticky after worshiping

can't shoot teeth

Even if he picks up bananas that are fried in boiling oil, they can eat them.

At this point, Mr. Young looks in front of the store and sees Grandma Fang pushing a cart selling bananas.

arrived at the storefront

Crying for selling bananas. Hot guests.

Mr. Num sees it and wants to eat it, so he orders it. Grandma Fang picks up a banana in a bag and sends it to Sia Nom, who keeps chatting and doesn't care.

Then pick up the fried banana that just came out of the pan and put it in your mouth.

But the banana is still hot in the oil until startled.

Bananas need to be flicked off.

and raised his hand to touch his ear to relieve the heat

When he opened his hand, he found that it was a blister.

The young master saw with his eyes hurriedly waved his hand and told me not to rent this blindfold monk anymore. Sia Nom made a curious face, why if the price was too expensive, I would reduce it.

There are only ten thousand people left.

Mr. Young replied that the price was not a problem.

But the power doesn't pass, brother.

Just picking up the banana in the glove is still inflated.

And what if picking up a banana in a pan?

Finished talking, I heard the voice of the banana seller laughing happily at Phra Pid Ta Maha Ut. Can't stop bananas, Grandma Fang, sir. Amita Phuttha.

sink color