His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej conferred the rank of Deputy Somdet Phra Rajabhatti

"Phra Maha Uen Hasathammo (9 sermons)" former abbot of Wat Sam Phraya at Rajathinam

"Phra Phrom Dilok" after being cleared of all cases of temple change

shall be deemed to have never been stripped of his rank and title before

While referred to as a monk since September 23, 2020

On March 18, reporters reported that the Royal Gazette had published an announcement of the establishment of the monarchy.

That His Majesty King Ramathibodi Sri Sinthon Maha Vajiralongkorn Mahisorn Bhumibol Ratchawarangkun

Kitisiri Somboon Adulyadej

Siamintradhibet Rajawarodom Borommanatbophit Phra Vajiraklao Chao Yuhua has graciously pleased to proclaim that:

According to Phra Phrom Dilok (Eun Klin Wheat) was accused of criminal offenses and had a royal decree depriving him of his rank on May 29, 2018, the case is now final.

Behavior can be considered not a serious offence.

or serious offense

or a major villain, together with no goodbyes

And there is no action to renounce the priesthood.

Both appear the fact that

continued to live like a monk during his imprisonment

Therefore having the status of a monk, having the status of Phra Maha Uan Hasathammo (9 sentences of the precepts), the Sangha Council had a resolution to acknowledge on March 10, 2023.

By virtue of Section 5 ter of the Sangha Act, B.E. 2505, amended by

The Sangha Act (No. 4), B.E. 2561 graciously granted Phra Maha Uan Hasathammo (9-sentence preaching) to hold the rank of monk.

royal subordinate primate

There is a royal name as inscribed in the Hiranbat that says "Phra Phrom Dilok Pariyat Nayokkanathon


precepts Samajarniwit

Tripitaka Bundit Mahakanisorn Bowonsangharam Khamvasi", enshrined at Wat Sam Phraya, Aram Luang, Bangkok

considered to have never been stripped of his rank and title before, since March 17, 2023, announced on March 18, 2023 as the 8th year of the current reign

for Brahma Dilok

He is a disciple of Somdet Phra Buddha Kosajarn (Phuen Chutintharo, P.T. 9), Wat Sam Phraya, the pillar of Pali education of the Thai Sangha.

Formerly a member of the Sangha Council (Sor.Sor.

) Primate of Bangkok

He is the abbot of Wat Sam Phraya and head teacher of the Wat Sam Phraya student office.

being prosecuted for being accused of committing fraud and being criminally prosecuted for supporting officials for embezzlement and misbehaving or omitting to perform duties

or by dishonestly subsidizing the study of the Scriptures

general education department

Also known as the temple change case.

Amid criticism that there was no fairness from the beginning

and was not treated with justice in terms of discipline and law

That is, police officers do not issue summons.

But bringing in the force of the officers to arrest them

As for the steps according to the Dharma and Discipline, it has not yet been implemented.

Because the former Phra Brahma Dilok was a member of the Sangha Sangha Committee

According to the procedure, the Supreme Patriarch

and set up a disciplinary committee to investigate first

If found guilty, criminal action is taken.

Later, he retired on May 24, 2018, ready to fight the case until the court dismissed the lawsuit and the case was final, including the offense against

Anti-Money Laundering Act

The offense of supporting an official to commit an offense under Section 157 of the Criminal Code.

In all cases, the court has ruled that he is not guilty.

and all cases have reached the end

therefore returned to the monkhood on September 23, 2020 at the Ubosot of Wat Sam Phraya

His name is like Phra Maha Uan Hasathammo, until March 18, 2023, a royal command was announced to restore the rank of Deputy Somdej Phra Rajabhatti under the royal name "Phra Phrom Dilok" as before.