Xu Jiarong (left) and Hong Mingcong (right) won the championship and runner-up.

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)

The pineapple production season is here, and the Pingtung County Government held the "2023 Pingtung County High-quality Golden Diamond Pineapple Evaluation". The results were announced yesterday. The top two were arranged by the husband and wife team of Pingtung Young Farmers who switched from the technology industry. His wife Xu Jiarong even beat her husband Hong Mingcong won the championship.

The couple returned to Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County together more than 10 years ago, and took over Hong's father's pineapple field. The two planted it in different areas and managed it together.

In the previous year's evaluation competition, Xu Jiarong was also the champion and Hong Mingcong was the runner-up. When asked why he always beat the other half?

Xu Jiarong said with a smile: "Maybe my luck is better!" (Reporter Luo Xinzhen)