Let's go for a run at Khlong Sam Wa RUNNING ...let's go 

Sport Insider column this weekend.

I brought a good article from the page 'Ministry of Public Health' for you. 

about "running is a magic pill" that creates enormous benefits for our body

The data indicates that running has many health benefits. 

In addition to helping the body to be healthy

life is long


The main benefits are

1. Cardio, jogging

It helps the circulatory system, the heart muscles become stronger, and the arteries that feed the heart become more flexible.

Reduce the problem of constriction that causes ischemic heart disease.

2. Helps strengthen the lungs.

by each mile

that we ran through

All of them help strengthen the lungs of everyone.

Breathing while running

or panting when tired

It's not a waste.

But all of them will improve our lung health.

and lungs strengthened

3. Stronger muscles

Running is a training exercise for different muscles.

make muscles stronger

and has the effect of making our bodies strong as well

4. Help burn fat

Up to 60% can be removed and can reduce LDL bad cholesterol by 5-10%, increase HDL good cholesterol by 3-6%.

5. Prevent osteoarthritis of the knee.

how to run

Can help strengthen the thigh muscles around the knee joint.

Helps prevent osteoarthritis.

6. The more your brain is exercised by running.

The body secretes substances to nourish the brain.

stimulates brain growth

increase brain cells

two works fine

Reduce Alzheimer's

7. Good mood because sweating

Sweat is secreted with a substance called

Endorphin, which is a chemical that makes the body feel good.

8. Improved Blood Sugar

Diabetic patients if exercising by running will help control and improve blood sugar.

9. Running can help prevent high blood pressure.

for hypertension patients

Exercising by jogging

It helps to increase the flexibility of blood vessels.

decrease in vascular resistance

better blood pumping

blood pressure improved

10. Strengthens the body's immune system

The body is stronger, the systems in the body are better.

The sum of the results gives the body immunity to various diseases better, not easily sick.

11. Build Confidence

You just turn your attention and exercise by running regularly.

will make your body look better

better shape


That will make you a person with a good personality leading to more confidence in yourself.

Knowing the benefits of running like this, don't forget to grab your shoes and go for a sweaty jog!

But if someone doesn't want to run alone

Or go for a run and have both health and making merit at the same time 

I highly recommend signing up for a charity walk and run event.

“Khlong Sam Wa RUNNING Run for Hospital” No. 1

with Dr. Pichaya Nakwatchara, President of the Bangkok Sports Association as the president of the Khlong Sam Wa Hospital Foundation as a counterattack

in conjunction with Khlong Sam Wa District Office, Khlong Sam Wa Hospital

and Bangkok

to raise funds for the purchase of materials

medical supplies

needed to serve patients  

which this event is scheduled to be held in the early morning

This Sunday, March 26

using the route running on Maitri Chit Road

in front of Khlong Sam Wa Hospital 

The competition is divided into Fun Run 5 km. (Application fee 499 baht) / Mini Marathon 10.5 km. (Application fee 699 baht) / VIP running any distance (Application fee 999 baht). 

All runners who apply will receive a beautiful yellow souvenir shirt.

and when running to the finish line will receive a medal of honor

The runner who wins the overall 10 km will receive a trophy from the Governor of Bangkok, Dr. Chatchart Sitthiphan. 

This running event

It is a charity run for the hospital that gains merit.

which anyone would like to join the activity 

Even the superstar female heroine "Bella Ranee" also came to help as a presenter wearing a shirt to promote this run.

without any charge 

And when there is a heroine, there must be a "hero" 

Then I asked P'Mor Pichaya, the chairman of the event, who was as handsome as the movie stars of the '80s. 

Become a model wearing a yellow shirt to compete with Nong Bella, it's all right!

which next week

Anyone who is interested in running at Khlong Sam Wa Hospital 

Click the link to view job details.

and apply at


Let's hurry up with this work.

Because receiving a limited amount

Full of slowness

If you don't want to run, you will say that you are handsome without warning...no!!!  

- Be Bangpakong -