In Kyiv, a 36-year-old woman stabbed a 20-year-old roommate in the back during an argument.

This was reported by the communication department of the Kyiv police.

"The incident happened at the beginning of the year on Lavrukhina Street, in the Desnyan district of Kyiv. A woman called the police with a report that her 20-year-old roommate had returned home with a stab wound... The pre-trial investigation established that the man's stab wound was caused by a 36- The year-old applicant is his roommate, who tried to hide from the investigation her involvement in the crime and invented other circumstances of the event," the report says.

It turned out that there was a verbal conflict between the woman and the man, during which the suspect hit the victim in the back with a kitchen knife, and then washed the blood off him.

The figure was detained in accordance with Art.

208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

The investigators informed her of the suspicion of committing a serious crime, provided for in Part 1 of Art.

121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - intentional grievous bodily harm.

Currently, the investigators sent the materials of the criminal proceedings together with the indictment to the court for consideration of the case on its merits.

The suspect may face five to eight years in prison.

Photo: Kyiv Police / Facebook

We will remind you that in Kyiv, a young man tried to kill his grandmother.

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