Experts who monitor space weather have already warned that another eruption should take place on the Sun at the beginning of next week. 

ScienceDirect writes about it.

On March 20, the Earth will be covered by a magnetic storm, the consequences of which may be felt by weather-dependent people.

Doctors recommend in such periods to observe a sleep schedule, to reduce the load on the cardiovascular system, and in the presence of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, to have all the necessary medicines with you.

Coronal mass ejections

are large ejections of plasma from the Sun, sometimes accompanied by solar flares.

Coronal mass ejections and flares can in turn trigger solar storms by ejecting high-speed streams of charged particles into the magnetosphere, the region of space around Earth dominated by the planet's magnetic field.

When this happens, the Earth's magnetic field weakens for about 6 to 12 hours, and it will take several days to fully recover.

Solar storms can cause a wide range of consequences, from minor satellite disruptions to full-scale power outages.

During certain space weather events, the sun's energetic particles spiral down geomagnetic field lines in the polar regions, where they increase the density of ionized gas, which in turn affects the propagation of radio waves and can cause radio outages, NASA experts say .

These events are unpredictable and there is nothing we can do about them, but they present a particular danger to our technologically dependent world.

According to scientists, in a year and a half, the Sun will reach the peak of its activity within its 11-year solar cycle.

Currently, spacecraft are recording the approach to this solar maximum, which is characterized by an increase in the number of flares on the Sun.

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