Longde Shipbuilding has won the bid for the procurement of five "anti-ship" Tuojiang-class warships for the Navy.

The picture shows the Navy's previous two-ship joint drill of the Tajiang warship (right) and the Tuojiang warship (left).

The configuration of the two ships is different. The Tajiang warship is equipped with a sea bee eye radar system (a square object above the middle section of the Tajiang warship), while the Tuojiang warship does not.

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[Reporter Luo Tianbin/Taipei Report] The navy's procurement of five "anti-ship" Tuojiang-class warships was awarded on the 15th of this month, and Longde Shipbuilding won the 9.07 billion yuan hull platform construction bid. The shipyard will deliver all the ships before the end of 2026.

The firepower configuration of the "anti-ship type" Tuojiang-class warships is mainly based on anti-ship missiles, and "8 Yusan + 4 Yuji" anti-ship missiles are deployed to strengthen the long-range strike force against the large ships of the Communist Army.

Three large shipyards, Longde, CITIC, and Taiwan Shipbuilding participated in the bidding for this tender. Longde, because of its experience in building the prototype of the Tuojiang-class warship and six "anti-aircraft" Tuojiang-class warships, became one of the five "anti-ship" warships. "The key to qualifying for the Tuojiang-class warship procurement competition.

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A military person pointed out today that the Navy and the Coast Guard Administration will continue to build a number of state-owned ships and state-made construction projects according to the schedule, including 2 Navy light frigates, 6 high-latitude ocean-going patrol ships of the Coast Guard Administration, and 1 The first submarine rescue ship and the follow-up 4 naval fast mine-laying boats, etc., will be bid by domestic shipyards, and fierce competition will be formed at that time.

Military personnel pointed out that the firepower configuration of the "anti-ship" Tuojiang-class warships will be mainly anti-ship missiles, with "8 Xionzo + 4 Xionji" anti-ship missiles in order to strengthen long-range strikes against large Chinese Communist ships. force.

In particular, he said that the "anti-ship type" H2 anti-ship missile deployed by the Tuojiang-class warship is the latest modification of the H2 missile, and its performance is more refined than that of the H2 missile already in service. Some improvement will greatly help to increase the overall combat capability of Tuojiang-class warships.

A total of 12 Tuojiang-class missile patrol ships will be built. In addition to the prototype ship "Tuojiang Ship", the Navy will carry out mass production in a two-stage manner, and the number of mass-produced ships will be 11.

Among them, the first stage is 6 "anti-aircraft" ships (divided into two batches for construction), some of which have been delivered to service or have been launched, and some are still under construction. The second stage is 5 "anti-ship" ships (mass production The 7th to 11th ships of this type) were awarded on the 15th of this month, and all ships are scheduled to be delivered before the end of 2026.

The anti-aircraft and anti-ship Tuojiang-class warships have slightly different firepower configurations. The firepower configuration of the "anti-ship" Tuojiang-class warships is mainly anti-ship missiles. Strengthen the long-range strike capability against the large ships of the Communist Army.

The picture shows the installation method of the bomb bay of the "air defense type" Tuojiang-class warship in active service in the navy. It can carry a total of 4 Xiongfeng Type 3 anti-ship missiles, 8 Xiongfeng Type 2 anti-ship missiles, and 16 Haijian Type 2 anti-ship missiles.

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