The wife of the singer

Viktor Pavlik

and his concert director

Kateryna Repyakhova

revealed what her husband bought for himself.

In the story on Instagram, attentive followers noticed that the performer was driving his wife in a new car.

So Kateryna decided to share the news with her fans.

"We didn't focus on it. But the man's dream came true. He returned to the Land Rover, which he drove for most of his life," the blogger said. 


For himself, Pavlik chose a white Land Rover from the salon.

The cost of such a car is more than two million hryvnias.

But, as Kateryna noted, the singer spends a lot of time behind the wheel, because he goes on tour a lot.


"I am happy for my husband. He deserved it. He spends half of his life in the car and on tour," added Pavlik's wife.

The blogger is also waiting for a new car for herself, because she sold her car.

Without a car for both, according to Kateryna, it is difficult for their family. 

"There was a period when the two of us were without a car. It was even more difficult," the blogger added.


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