English serial killer Levi Bellfield is suing the government after his marriage proposal to a female prison visitor was rejected.

The 54-year-old rapist, whose victims included 13-year-old Millie Dowler, threatened legal proceedings if the prison authorities did not give a "positive answer".

The Sun writes about it.

Levi wants to marry his 40-year-old girlfriend.

For his part, MP Alec Shelbrooke said: "It is wrong that he can use taxpayers' money. He has taken away the future of young women and girls and their right to marry. So if he wants to fight for his right to marry, he has to pay for it".

Constable Colin Sutton, who prosecuted Bellfield, said: "The Government must act quickly. It is a mockery of marriage and the legal system when someone is in prison for the most serious crimes against women and girls are getting married in prison."

Note that Bellfield is an English serial killer, sex offender, rapist, kidnapper and robber.

On February 25, 2008, he was found guilty of a series of murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

He is serving his term in Frankland Prison in Durham County.

We will remind, in India,

the groom canceled the wedding

because his bride got low grades in school.

However, the bride's family claims that the groom's family canceled the wedding because their dowry demands were not met.

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