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Everyone has the right to criticize, but no one can deny that Kiril Petkov's government had the support of the National Assembly for about seven months, in which many things happened - the war in Ukraine, the oil crisis, threats that the gasoline will run out. .However, we managed to raise pensions and make kindergartens free.

This is what the candidate for People's Representative from the coalition said in an interview for "Face to Face" on bTV "We continue the change

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" - Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Petrov.

“Your show is about an hour long.

It's like someone coming up to you on the fifth minute and telling you that nothing is happening with this show.

The same thing happened to us.

So I don't take such criticism seriously.

I would have accepted it if we had ruled for 5, 10 or 11 years," he added.

When asked if a coalition with the GERB party is possible after the elections, Itso Hazarda

Hristo Petrov - Itso Hazarta was born on December 19, 1979 in Sofia.

Hristo finishes by answering that there is no point in saying anything when we don't know what the results will be.

On the subject of inflation, the candidate-deputy pointed out that if before 20 BGN was enough for dinner, it is no longer enough.

It is hardly a consolation to say that we have the lowest inflation in Eastern Europe.

But I think the end is already in sight, as everyone has suffered enough.

It's more important for people to see that they are cared for, he said.

According to him, one of the common causes of "We continue the change

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" and "Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political union, made up of" the judicial system, because "that's where the prosecutor's office is, and that's where the tragedy is complete".

Itso Hazarta commented on the PP coalition with the DB and the scandal with the Monument to the Soviet Army

Regarding the Monument to the Soviet Army, Hristo Petrov stated that it belongs in the Museum of Socialist Art.

When you have been in power in the Capital Municipality for 18 years, to remember that you have to remove a monument in an election campaign, it leads to certain conclusions - that you are trying to please someone, and this is a topic that divides people.

I meet thousands of people in the country and not one has asked me what you are going to do with this monument.

I know how much historical overlap there is, he said.

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