"I don't have a document, but I know that for several months the caretaker government has been trying to circumvent European norms, including Bulgarian legislation, trying to save a procedure that has expired," commented the former Minister of the Environment and Waters of Bulgaria, Borislav Sandov

He graduated from Sofia University "St.

Kliment Ohridski", specialty "Geography", and is in "The Day ON AIR".

"The project has been with GERB since 2017. One of the routes should go through the gorge and the other should go up the slopes of Pirin. It expired in October last year because it is 5 years old from its entry into force. The caretaker government says that since there is a court procedure and it ended in May 2018, these 5 years will almost certainly expire this May," added Sandov.

According to Sandov, there is currently no money for the section, as it has been diverted.

"There is one part of the project that is related to the securing of the track. During our government, we made it so that we took out the most essential thing - the placement of the pegs," the guest told Bulgaria ON AIR.

Shishkov responded to GERB's accusations about road payments

According to him, construction activities are currently being prepared.

"I hope that the caretaker government will listen to what the EC says. If this project is launched, the way it is, with the contractor envisaged by the GERB government, we will certainly not receive European funding in this matter," Sandov is emphatic .

"In 2004, we were supposed to launch the Struma highway, this did not happen, because Bulgaria always tries to circumvent European laws on the matter," emphasized the former minister.

When asked whether we will return money, Sandov replied that it could happen in practice: "If we decide not to comply, it is a matter of many millions, we are ready to throw European funds down the drain and take from the state budget to finance a section that is outside the European rules."

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