The Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić died today at the age of 74 in Amsterdam, reported the Croatian information site Index, quoted by BTA.

Dubravka Ugresic was born in Kutina, Croatia in 1949. Her father is Croatian and her mother is Bulgarian.

She graduated from Zagreb University, specialized at Moscow State University.

Until the war in Croatia in the early 1990s, Dubravka Ugrešić worked at the Institute of Literary Theory in Zagreb, and her main research interests were related to Russian literature of the 20th century, of which she was also a translator.

In the 1999s, she left Croatia.

He spent several years in Germany and the USA, and since 2001 he lives and works in Amsterdam.

Her most famous books are "Stefitsa Zvek in the jaws of life", which was made into a movie, and "Forcing the novel on the river", for which in 1088 she received the NIN magazine award.

In the 1990s he wrote essays dealing with questions of identity and nationality in the social, historical, political and cultural framework created by the breakup of Yugoslavia and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

With them, Ugrešić established herself as one of the most prominent Croatian writers and essayists.

Her work is distinguished by a rare combination of irony, polemic and compassion, said a press release from the Zagreb Multimedia Institute.

She is also the author of the books "A Pose for Prose", "Life is a Fairy Tale", "American Fiction", "Culture of Lies", "Museum of Unconditional Surrender", "Forbidden Reading", "Ministry of Pain", "Baba Yaga" laid an egg", "The Fox", translated into over 20 languages.

He is also the author of several film scripts - "In the Jaws of Life", "This is not my life, it's only temporary", "Happiness takes three", "How to survive until first".

After leaving Croatia, she taught at several American and European universities, including Harvard, Columbia and the Free University of Berlin.

He is the winner of important literary awards, including the prize of the NIN magazine and the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

A world-renowned Nobel laureate has died