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The Greek intelligence service discovered a Russian agent living in the European Union and NATO member country since 2018 with fake documents and the name of a child who died in 1991, Athens-based media reported, citing the National Intelligence Service, BTA reported .

The Russian agent is a 33-year-old woman according to her Greek identity card, or 31 years old according to her Russian passport.

Since 2018, the young woman has Greek citizenship and is known under the name Maria Tsala.

She worked as a photographer and had her own handicraft and knitting shop in the center of Athens.

In a statement, the National Intelligence Service said it had made an important discovery about the way foreign services operate and infiltrate Greece.

After gathering information, it was proven that the person known in the Greek media as "Maria Ts." is a foreign citizen with the name "Irina A.S."

The identity of the Russian agent was revealed a year ago when a discrepancy was found in the documents of the registry office in the Attica region.

It turned out to be a forgery, with pages torn out and replaced with others in a different handwriting than the other records.

It is an internationally established practice of a country's intelligence services to create a special category of spies called "illegals".

To cover up the identity of agents of this category, forged personal documents and the use of documents of stillborn children or deceased persons are created.

According to media information, the agent arrived in Greece with a fake passport of a Latin American country, presenting herself as the child of immigrants from Moscow, and in 2018 she was issued a birth certificate with data corresponding to a stillborn child with a birth and death date of December 1991 Mr.

In January, Maria Ts. or Irina left for Russia, leaving behind all personal belongings and informing her landlord that she would not be returning due to health reasons.

At the same time, her husband, living with false identity documents in Brazil, returns to Russia.

The pair are believed to have been recalled to Russia on suspicion of disclosing their identities.

Maria C.'s neighbors describe her as a very active and social woman who has a strong presence on social networks.

In 2022, four more identical cases of secret agents with these characteristics were disclosed in Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia.

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