Ukrainian scouts received several modernized Oncilla armored personnel carriers.

This is reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine.

"The machine is used to transport troops in difficult conditions. There are 30 such machines that are already fighting. They showed themselves very well on the battlefield, saving lives," said Viktor Levchenko, a representative of the "Beryl" design bureau.

The Oncilla armored personnel carrier is a joint Ukrainian-Polish development.

The machine is equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun, and the protection complex includes, in particular, a double anti-mine bottom.

The car accommodates 6 paratroopers + driver, gunner and commander.

In total - 9 people.

We will remind that the first French AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks have finally arrived in Ukraine.

It was also reported that the first Ukrainian battalion underwent training on American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

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