The Russian aggressors plan to mobilize another 500 people from the occupied Horlivka, in

the Donetsk region

, into their armed forces .

We are talking about people who have limited or complete unfitness for military service.

This was reported by

the Center of National Resistance


The message indicates that the Russian aggressors are experiencing great problems with restoring the combat capability of their units.

"In the temporarily occupied Horlivka of the Donetsk region, the Russians are planning another wave of mobilization of local residents," the message reads.

The Central Security Service reported that 90 Russian soldiers are currently in the Horlivka hospital, who will soon be sent to the city of Urzuf, where the commission will determine whether they can continue to serve in the army.

"At the same time, the occupiers in Horlivka received an order to conduct another wave of mobilization in the city to replenish the ranks of the units that have been temporarily withdrawn from the combat zone due to the loss of combat capability," the Central Security Service said in a statement.

The Russian occupiers ordered the mobilization of this number of people from among those who had previously been prevented from mobilization due to poor health.

It will be recalled that earlier it was reported that in the Voronezh region of the Russian Federation, the local authorities decided

to send out summonses in the region allegedly for "updating military registration data"


In addition, we previously informed that 

those mobilized in the occupied territories are forced to obtain passports of the Russian Federation


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