The spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, recommended that the United States seek help in searching for its drone, which fell into the Black Sea, from a Ukrainian company, which, according to Western media, may be involved in the explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, TASS reported.

Zakharova was commenting on the words of John Kirby, the spokesman for the US National Security Council, that he was not sure whether the debris from the drone could be retrieved because the device was located deep on the seabed.

"John, get from the New York Times the phone of the private Ukrainian company that, according to American propaganda, blew up the Nord Stream pipelines very, very deep in the Baltic Sea. Judging by your papers, these are deep-class specialists. They will they are taking him out," the Russian diplomat wrote today in Telegram, BTA reported.

Experts on the downed drone: Russia is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

The U.S. military said on March 14 that a Russian fighter jet struck the propeller of a U.S. surveillance drone, causing the drone to crash into the Black Sea.

Moscow denied the US version of events and said the drone crashed as a result of "abrupt manoeuvres".

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