Minister of Communications Wang Guocai said that Keelung City has completed the evaluation report on the land development benefits of the Keelung MRT in January, and the development benefits of the four stations reached 4.235 billion.

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[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] Keelung Mayor Xie Guoliang was dissatisfied with the increase of the Keelung MRT city government's share of the amount from 1.77 billion yuan to 5.386 billion yuan. Jump down and do it.

Minister of Transportation Wang Guocai said that the Railway Bureau has entrusted the Keelung City Government to conduct an assessment. The report was released on January 19, and the net benefits of the development of the stations in the MRT Development Zone and the Potential Development Zone can reach 4.235 billion yuan. ) will communicate with the Keelung City Government on benefits when they visit Xie Guoliang.

The Keelung MRT plan previously estimated that the cost was 42.5 billion yuan, and Keelung City paid 1.77 billion yuan, of which 379 million yuan was for land use. Due to the subsequent increase in the price of construction materials and the need to match the construction schedule of the Beiwudu Station, the plan was to expropriate and restructure from the section. For general collection, the planned funds increased to 69.7 billion yuan, Keelung City paid 5.386 billion yuan, and the land use fee increased to 1.837 billion yuan.

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In order to promote the development along the Keelung MRT line, the Railway Bureau invested 11.5 million yuan on November 26, 2010, and entrusted the Keelung City Government to handle the "Urban Planning and Development Strategy Planning for MRT Station Areas in Keelung City". A summary evaluation report was submitted on the 19th, and it was believed that the net value of land development benefits could reach 4.235 billion yuan, which can be injected into the construction funds of the Keelung City Government.

According to the research content, a total of 79,705 square meters of base area can be developed, including Qidu Station (in the text), Qidu Station (Bgong), and Beiwudu Station. The current land use zones are school land, type B industrial zone, The storage area can be transformed into a MRT development zone in the future, and all three stations can promote the MRT development project. The net value of development benefits can reach 1.257 billion, 235 million, and 618 million respectively.

Potential development zones include Badu Station - Station Special Area, Qidu Station Yigong Special Purpose Area, and Baifu Station Special Purpose Area. Currently, it is a railway land, Class B industrial area, storage area and government land, and it may be changed to a station special use area in the future , special-purpose zone, MRT development zone, and develop through cooperative development, public-office replacement, etc., the net value can reach 444 million, 453 million, and 1.228 billion respectively.

Wang Guocai said that it is difficult for the MRT construction to achieve a balance of profit and loss from ticket box revenue alone. Most of them will increase income from joint land development and machine factory development. This part of the Keelung City Government has autonomy in the development of the Keelung MRT land. When Hu Xianglin, Deputy Minister of Political Affairs of the Ministry, communicates with the Keelung City Government tomorrow, he will provide these suggestions, discuss and provide assistance; now the former mayor Lin Youchang is also serving as the Minister of the Interior, and the Metropolitan Committee of the Ministry of the Interior can also provide some assistance in the future, such as for the North Five Block the development of this part of the new town.