The head of the independent international investigative commission on Ukraine, which is supported by the UN, Eric Mese, said that the investigation of human rights violations during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine did not reveal any signs of genocide in Ukraine.

This is reported by The Guardian.

"We did not discover that there was a genocide in Ukraine," he said at the press conference.

At the same time, Eric Mese added that the investigative commission is following the evidence and that there are "some aspects that may raise questions" regarding the possible genocide.

At the same time, as previously reported, the report of the investigative body authorized by the UN states that during the invasion of Ukraine, Russia committed a wide range of war crimes, including deliberate killings, systematic torture and deportation of children.

Mese added that the commission recommends that the competent authorities thoroughly investigate all crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine and bring the perpetrators to justice both at the national and international levels.

It will be recalled that Great Britain organized the training of a group of 90 Ukrainian judges to conduct trials regarding the war crimes committed by the Russian occupiers in Ukraine.  

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