DEPUTY Minister of Agriculture, Anthony Mavunde has asked the Tanzania Seed Certification and Control Institute (TOSCI) to ensure that it places great emphasis on the inspection of seed farms to ensure that the seeds distributed to farmers are the best seeds that will bring productivity in production.

 Mavunde said this today March 15, 2023 when he visited and inspected the implementation of TOSCI's duties.

He said that the important industry will not be able to be self-sufficient in food or achieve the goals set in the production of crops without being sure of quality seeds.

"Your government led by the honorable Dr.

Samia Suluhu Hassan will continue to increase investment in research and the production of quality seeds in the country so that we can achieve the main goals of growing agriculture by 10 percent by 2030, said Mavunde.

He said that TOSCI must fulfill the great responsibility of ensuring that seed production farms are inspected, because they are responsible for the control and control of seeds in this country.

"My opinion to you is to strengthen the inspection so that the farmer can benefit from the best seeds."

He said that the government will ensure that it continues to invest in better equipment and infrastructure in order to simplify the task in parallel with building the capacity of TOSCI employees so that they can carry out their duties effectively by following the basics of their work expertise.

 The Government through the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to look for various opportunities abroad and enable more TOSCI Experts to go to study to bring more benefits to the seed industry and the Nation as a whole.

I congratulate you very much for the great work of improving the laboratory and building the library, it is my belief that this step will increase the efficiency in carrying out your duties" said Mavunde

And the Director General of the TOSCI Institute, Patrick Ngwediagi noted the success of his Institute including the increase in quality certified seeds, the decrease in fake seeds resulting from the use of electronic labels and increasing the local production of seeds compared to imported seeds