"I was really happy.

That's why I was happy that the teams of these two countries will face each other."

The former head coach of "Ravan" Guvench Kurtar told apasport.az.

The specialist who worked in our country in 2014 commented on the charity friendly matches between the clubs of Azerbaijan and Turkey, which will take place this month.

Kurtar, who coaches such clubs as "Kocaelispor", "Denizlispor", "Rizaspor" in the Super League, welcomed the upcoming matches of "Galatasaray" with "Galatasaray" and "Beshiktas" with "Sabah": "Galatasaray" and "Qarabag" are big clubs. , are currently the leaders of their respective leagues.

True, the game will be interrupted due to the matches of the national teams.

But in any case, it will be a very nice and interesting match.

Moreover, the meeting is held for charity.

Both clubs have taken this step."

Kurtar also spoke about the love for Turkish football in our country: "I know that there are many fans of Turkish football and Galatasaray in Azerbaijan.

In this sense, the match, which will be held in the country's largest, most capacity stadium, will be very well received.

I believe that the stadium will be full.

It is a great step for the clubs of two sister countries to meet for this purpose.

In my opinion, Turkish clubs and Azerbaijani teams should meet often.

I hope it will be like this from now on."

The expert also touched on Besiktas' meeting with Sabah: "It is true, Besiktas' visit to Azerbaijan is also being discussed.

In any case, the meeting between the clubs of these two countries is commendable.

The games will be held in a friendly atmosphere.

If possible, it is more interesting to watch these two matches live.

I am sure that the stadium will be full in the matches between "Karabakh" and "Galatasaray" and "Besiktas" and "Sabah".

It should be noted that the match between "Karabakh" and "Galatasaray" will be held on March 26 at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

The place and time of the "Sabah" - "Beshiktas" match has not been specified.