The spokesman of the President of Russia, Dmytro Peskov, stated that the aggressor country does not recognize the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the jurisdiction of this court.

This is reported by the Russian media of mass propaganda.

This is how the mouthpiece of the Russian dictator commented on the information that the court in The Hague intends to open two criminal cases against the Russian Federation.


We do not recognize this court

, we do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court. This is how we treat it," said Peskov.

He has also traditionally made false statements about

the murders of civilians

in Donbas and the destruction of the region's infrastructure by alleged "Ukrainian nationalists".

The spokesman of the President of the Russian Federation also complained that neither the international judicial bodies nor other members of the international community "failed to pay attention" to the facts invented by him. 

We will remind, according to The New York Times, the International Criminal Court in The Hague plans to open two cases on Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

They will concern abductions of Ukrainian children and deliberate attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.  

A little earlier, the same publication informed that the Pentagon is blocking the transfer by the administration of the President of the USA to the Hague Court of evidence about the war crimes committed by the Russian occupiers in Ukraine.

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