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At the invitation of the Swedish Presidency of the EU, today representatives of the association "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" met with the ambassadors of the EU countries and representatives of the European Commission, announced the press center of the "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition.

Among the main topics during the discussion were the upcoming elections.

The participants of the event emphasized the absolute necessity for them to proceed in an honest and transparent manner.

For this purpose, it is important to rely on independent observers and advocates of fair voting. 

Itso Hazarta commented on the PP coalition with the DB and the scandal with the Monument to the Soviet Army

The representatives of the united parties shared that the upcoming elections will be decisive and could be the key to forming a stable and working government.

A government that will work with a horizon for an entire mandate and will implement the reforms long awaited by the Bulgarian citizens, which also include the final European integration of our country.  

We continue the Change and Democratic Bulgaria expressed confidence that there is a way for Bulgaria to be a normal European country and the path to it is laid out in the unification program.

It unfolds a clear vision for the development of the country, the basis of which is Bulgaria's accession to the Eurozone and Schengen. 

Alexandra Sterkova (PP-DB): If we get the trust of the citizens, we will propose a government with a clear program and policies

The representatives of the two parties assured that they will make maximum efforts to take the steps necessary to ensure high and sustainable economic growth, based on reforms in the judicial system and key bills for the implementation of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

They categorically stated that it is high time to get out of the stagnation in which the country is and that there is a way to live a normal European life.