Starting this year, New Taipei City will promote the "Healthy Strides", linking together the special scenic spots in the 29 administrative districts of New Taipei City, and planning a route suitable for people to walk.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] The New Taipei City Government has launched the "Movement and Health" policy in the past four years. Through silver-haired clubs and the establishment of characteristic inclusive parks for all ages, citizens are encouraged to participate in activities. This year, the "Health Stride" will be promoted. Connect the characteristic scenic spots in the 29 administrative districts of New Taipei City, plan a route suitable for people to walk, and hope to create sports fields everywhere.

Director of Health Chen Runqiu said that the "Healthy Stride" will cooperate with various bureaus and 29 district offices to use the simplest and economical way of exercise-walking to make New Taipei City move. Each administrative district can find special attractions and plan suitable for public health. With the route taken, citizens' sports are not limited by venues and time, and they can exercise anytime, anywhere, and they will be healthier.

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Chen Xinrong, Chief of the Health Management Section of the Health Bureau, said that the "Mall Walking" healthy exercise program was launched last year, combined with large shopping malls such as Linkou Mitsui Outlet, to encourage people to combine their daily lives and take advantage of the opportunity of shopping to walk in the store. The city government invited Professional coaches lead the public to walk healthily for free. Although affected by the epidemic, from October to December last year, it still attracted more than 300 people to participate.

Chen Xinrong pointed out that this year, the "District Healthy Strides" will be trial-run, and cooperate with the 29 district offices, businesses, schools, workplaces and other units. Parks, such as Tamsui District, can be combined with cultural relics, Wulai District can be combined with hot spring bathing, and Xinzhuang District can be combined with China-Hong Kong Pai Pai or Honghui Plaza, etc., to improve the accessibility of citizens for walking and cultivate regular exercise habits.

She said that it is expected that within one month, all district offices will be asked to report the route, and after collection and sorting, it will be built in the DongHealth APP system, and check-in points will be set up. People who complete the check-in can get "Health Coins" to exchange for good products or discounts. In the future, The seminar will invite sports instructors to teach people walking skills and nutrition knowledge, making walking an interesting thing and implementing sports in daily life.