continuation from yesterday

which tells about good results after running 30 minutes, 24 hours, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year, with still holding back the good results of running for 10 years and 25 years, which runs around the world spinning around Thailand, read from the page Facebook Longyoung Run referred from on the topic of running to extend life.

What results do you see?

What are the advantages?

Go ahead and follow.

After running for 10 years, I have a happy life.

away from various diseases

look younger

stronger than actual age

to understand the real age

with healthy age

Everything is simple. Run, be happy. You are the owner of the most wonderful organs.

manage them to deteriorate less

Extend the service life for a long time

After 25 years of running, you have a life full of meaning.

from the experience that running gives

You may have done things that even you thought you were.

Can't do it!

but can do it, not depending on age, but on strength and courageous mind. The overall picture is that organs have not deteriorated much, good memory, good brain, grade A muscles.

Be with people who love and take care of your loved ones.

I thank myself for starting this story 25 years ago.

Dr. Pichaya Nakwatchara, chairman of the event, public relations, Khlong Sam Wa run, running for hospitals, No. 1, March 26, Maitri Chit Road route

in front of Khlong Sam Wa Hospital

interested in exercise

or want to help raise funds to purchase materials

Medical equipment needed to serve patients at Khlong Sam Wa Hospital

See more details on the website. 

Prince Royal's College Alumni Association

You are cordially invited to join the PRC Alumni Marathon 2023 on April 12 at the Prince Royal's College Chapel.

Part of the income from this event

will be given to former teachers of Prince Royal's College

and is a scholarship program for students

"Dek Prince...graduate Prince" Those who are interested can follow more details and apply for individual categories, teams of 5 people and virtual runs via the link

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