The singer


tried to give a new sound to his hit "UVLYUVT" ("Falled in love and hit dances").

The performer tried to translate his track from Russian into Ukrainian.

Earlier, Monatik said that he was not going to translate old songs, because he wanted to preserve the emotions that were present during their writing.

However, the singer shared an excerpt of "UVLYUVT" in Ukrainian on Instagram.

"When you said you wouldn't translate your songs, but it was worth a try and you can't stop. We are working at your favorite studio in Kyiv. Have a nice and peaceful day everyone," Dmytro wrote.

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Fans and star colleagues liked the performer's attempts.

In the comments under the video, subscribers shared their impressions of the new sound of the track.

  • It sounds great!

  • Sounds like it's always been that way! 

  • Even cooler and more melodious!

  • Its beatiful!

We will remind you that recently MONATIK together with other artists

released covers

of famous Ukrainian folk songs.

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