Ukraine received one


anti-missile defense system promised by the USA and Germany.

However, the missile defense system has not yet been put into operation.

This was reported by the British daily newspaper Financial Times.

The authors of the publication write that the first of two Patriot air defense systems has arrived in Ukraine.

The installation will allow more effective protection of the sky from enemy missiles.

"It is assumed that Ukraine has received one of the two Patriot systems promised by the USA and Germany, but it has not yet been put into operation. Several Patriot launchers from the Netherlands are also expected," the report said.

It is emphasized that when launchers from the Netherlands arrive in the country, then it will be possible to talk about combat readiness, as well as the ability to shoot down Russian missiles.

By the way, Assistant Secretary of the US Army for Procurement and Equipping Douglas Bush promised that Patriot will start working in Ukraine in the near future.

But the exact terms were not named in the Pentagon.

We will remind you that the other day Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said in an interview with a Spanish newspaper that

 the first American Patriot anti-missile systems have already arrived in Ukraine.

However, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuriy Ignat said that

 the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not receive

an air defense system.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense of Poland also denied the statement of its head Blaszczak, saying about "difficulties of translation".

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