China maintained trade relations with sanctioned Russian defense companies throughout 2022, despite declaring support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and offering a "peace plan."

This was reported by CNN with reference to customs records. 

"Key companies in the large military-industrial complexes of both countries continue their long-standing relationship, despite the horror that Moscow has unleashed in Europe," the article notes.

Chinese defense contractor Poly Technologies sent at least a dozen shipments to Russia through at least mid-November 2022, customs records show.

In particular, we are talking about spare parts for helicopters and air-to-ground radio equipment.

These goods were received by the Ulan-Uden Aviation Plant.

At the same time, this plant was also sending parts and several 2022 helicopters to China.

Most of the parts transferred to the Russian Federation by Poly Technology were marked as spare parts for Mi-171E helicopters.

In addition, three such deliveries were intended for Mi-171Sh helicopters, which can carry weapons on board.

"There is no evidence that any of the goods they exchanged are directly fueling the Russian war," the newspaper's journalists noted.

According to experts, these spare parts are fairly basic equipment.

They can be part of pre-existing contracts and "standard business dealings between companies".

However, such trade proves that China and Russia continue to cooperate.

It should be noted that Poly Technologies, as a "daughter" of a leading Chinese state-owned enterprise, came under US sanctions in 2013 for supplies to Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Restrictions were also imposed on the company in 2022 - for the possible proliferation of missiles.

Two more key companies are listed in the customs data - AVIC International Holding, controlled by the Chinese state-owned aviation industry corporation, and the Russian United Engine Corporation, which is part of Rostec.

These companies traded among themselves parts of jet engines developed by the Russian Federation.

Many of the parts had engine markings used in Chinese fighter jets.

Supplies from AVIC International, made up to July last year, were documented as contractual warranty obligations.

Chinese weapons for the Russian Federation

It will be recalled that China can transfer lethal weapons to Russia for the war against Ukraine.

Such information from the media was confirmed by the director of the American CIA, Bill Burns.

Later, a corresponding hint was made to China.

Thus, the country's Foreign Ministry stated that they consider the transfer of weapons to the Russian Federation to be comparable to US military aid to Taiwan.

The US responded that it defends the international order based on the principles of the UN, when one large country attacks a smaller one and tries to redraw borders.

According to Russian oppositionist and publicist Andriy Piontkovsky, China will not dare to seriously supply weapons to Russia.

And the opposite information is aimed at bargaining between the People's Republic of China and the United States on a number of political issues.  

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