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This is one of the most glorious pages of Bulgarian history, Vice President Iliana Yotova said in the program "More from the day" on BNT

Iliana Malinova Yotova is a Bulgarian politician, the 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, on the occasion of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews.

I would like to have such examples today, with which the name of Bulgaria is mentioned, she added.

She called for the creation of a museum in our country that would tell about the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews.

In recent years, it seems to have become luxurious to talk about human rights.

The taboo of these rights was broken by the war in Ukraine.

We are talking about a brutal, aggressive war that brings many victims.

That is why the lessons of war are important.

We must make sure that these lessons are transferred and rethought for each generation, Yotova said.

In response to a question, she indicated that she and her team try to keep in touch with the Bulgarians in Ukraine on a weekly basis, but noted that this is not always possible.

Some of them are currently under occupation, Russian troops are there.

The conditions they are currently living in are very harsh.

When we ask them if they want to come to Bulgaria, they say they don't want to, they say: "This is our homeland, we want to stay here and fight", revealed the vice president.

According to her, the caretaker government is strictly implementing the decision of the National Assembly on military aid to Ukraine.

I fully share and support the president's opinion that we cannot be left without any protection, we cannot leave our army without anything.

On this topic, I trust President Radev more than some politicians, said Iliana Yotova

Iliana Malinova Yotova is a Bulgarian politician, 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Supreme Court closed the case against the parliament's decisions on military aid to Ukraine

She also commented on her expectations for the early parliamentary elections on April 2.

I am concerned that since the beginning of this campaign there has been more talk about who will be first.

No one is talking about what the next government will look like.

Let it not happen that the presidential institution again turns out to be guilty of not having an office, comments Yotova.

This time the stakes are very high.

24 months of living in political instability - even the most developed country cannot afford that, the vice president stressed.

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