Grab the pig's feet!

Wanluan Zhujiao Street is full of people.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yanting)

[Reporter Chen Yanting/Pingtung Report] In the leap month of the lunar calendar, there is a custom for married women to buy pig's knuckles to go home to honor their parents. In the second month of leap, it has the meaning of "both pairs, rich and honored for thousands of years". , both on-site and online ordering are unprecedentedly grand, with so many orders that many stores have suspended home delivery, and even on-site takeaways are sold out of stock.

Wanluan pork knuckles are fully made of "Taiwan warm-body pig" raw pig knuckles, paired with special garlic soy sauce, the perfect taste has been passed down for many years, and it has become a well-known specialty.

This year's leap month brought unexpected violent results to Zhujiao Street. The well-known Haihong Hotel said that there was a peak before the Lunar New Year. False, the unprecedented amount of orders can’t be digested at all, and the on-site or online home delivery are rushing to rush, it is really impossible to supply, so we can only suspend the online home delivery order; 228 is even more ridiculous after the holiday, and the takeaway is as early as 3 p.m. Call card halfway, if the rush to buy peak maintains, it is very likely to be earlier.

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The well-known "Wantai Pig's Knuckle King" announced the suspension of online orders in late February. Today, it announced on Facebook that "the pig's knuckles are out of stock." There is stock available for sale, and it cannot be reserved in advance. Whether it can be sold depends on the situation on site!

Please don’t embarrass the shopkeepers, and even left a message to reply, “Maybe it’s going to be a long holiday!”

Folklore expert Liao Dayi pointed out that it is said that in leap years, the length of the days shortens the life expectancy. Before the leap month, there is a ritual of longevity. According to the custom, married women buy pig’s knuckle noodles to honor their parents and pray for auspiciousness. It is the "leap February" and "leap double month" once every 19 years. At the beginning of the lunar year and the end of the lunar year, the "Lichun" solar terms become "double-headed spring", which means "both pairs are right, rich and honored for thousands of years", Buying pig's knuckles to prolong life also has the meaning of being in pairs.

It is understood that the performance of the local industry has more than tripled compared with the previous February and March, but the sales are so good that the supply of raw pig feet has not increased, and they cannot even make pig feet for take-out on site.

Legislator Zhuang Ruixiong said that after discovering this situation, he learned from the industry that the actual production of pig feet has not decreased, and the dealers have not increased the price. They just cannot keep up with the sales speed under the custom, and the industry has made a lot of money after the unblocking custom Choi laughed happily. From a local point of view, of course he is happy to see a booming business, but he will ask the Council of Agriculture to pay close attention to whether the subsequent production fluctuations.

"Unprecedented!" Said Haihong Hotel. In previous years, there was a leap month, which would indeed boost the buying momentum, but this year's surge is the first time since the store opened.

Another operator said that the business is so good that group buying and repeated queuing have occurred. In addition to limiting the number of queuing times, the number of takeaways has also been reduced.

The supply of pork knuckles has not decreased, but it has been booming since the Chinese New Year. There is no stock for "too much" and we have to digest the previous orders for home delivery to avoid breaking the trust of customers. Now even employees want to buy them home to honor their parents. Difficult to arrange, naturally reduce the take-out for internal use.

Wanluan Pig's Knuckle Street burst into queues.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yanting)

Wanluan Zhujiao Street is full of people.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yanting)

Wanluan Pig's Knuckle Street is crowded with people.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yanting)