Russia is burning huge resources in Bakhmut, but despite 7 months of attacks, the invaders have gone only about 10 kilometers.

This was stated by a military and public figure, Major General of the SBU reserve Viktor Yagun, FREEDOM informs.

He explained that it is impossible to separate three directions -

Soledar, Bakhmut and Vugledar

, because they are all

links of the same chain


In this way, the Russians are trying to reach the Kramatorsk-Slovyansk direction and reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk region.

"This has been their general task since the spring. They have been putting pressure on Bakhmut for seven months, and during this period, it has already been calculated that they have traveled a total of about

10 kilometers

," Yagun said.

The expert recalled that earlier the largest losses of the Russian army were suffered during the capture of the


conglomerate , which was estimated at

15,000 people


The losses that Russia is ready to suffer during the attacks on Soledar-Vugledar-Bakhmut are still difficult to estimate.

Already now in this direction, according to Yagun, we can talk about Russian losses of

25-30 thousand people.

"Moreover, the main mass of the Wagnerites, who were brought from the colonies, that is, imprisoned, and mobilized. I want to say that this is precisely the use of untrained people as cannon fodder, and it was developed as a tactic to replace the fact that there is a certain lack of the amount of ammunition for artillery guns and the impossibility of using a barrage of fire. That is, what was the main tactic in Severodonetsk, when the barrage of fire goes, there is a huge number of shells, and after that they advance little by little. This is not the case here, and they actually replaced the barrage of fire with an artillery barrage like that, I don't even know what to call this tactic. It's so absurd for me in the 21st century," Yagun said.

According to the expert, Russia remained at the level of tactical understanding of the battles

of the 19th and 20th centuries.

"The number of infantry, pushing the enemy, some positional battles. Forward, forward and that's all. There are no more moments related to the possibility of maneuvering, with the possibility of transitioning to some other tactical solutions", - believes the major general of the SBU reserve.

Earlier, CNN, citing Western officials, reported that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is reducing military support for the "Wagnerians" in Bakhmut.

We will remind you that in Bakhmut, Ukrainian soldiers are jammed with machine guns from the huge number of shots fired at the occupiers.

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