Taoyuan City International Orchid Exchange Association donated 415 boxes, a total of 19,900 sanitary napkins, to 59 middle schools and disadvantaged families in Taoyuan City.

(Photographed by reporter Xu Zhuoxun)

[Reporters Xu Zhuoxun, Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] "Menstrual poverty" is an important topic of global women's protection. Today is Women's Day. Taoyuan City International Orchid Exchange Association donated 415 boxes of more than 19,900 sanitary napkins to 59 Taoyuan City hospitals. Junior high schools and disadvantaged families hope that women during their menstrual period can go to the toilet comfortably.

Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng received the donation on behalf of him. He said that menstrual poverty is an important issue for women's protection in the world. Girls in my country have their first menstruation between the ages of 10 and 16. Girls in this period are prone to restlessness and anxiety when encountering menstruation, which affects their self-confidence. And learning emotions, it has a greater impact on children from disadvantaged families. I am very grateful to the International Orchid Exchange Association for its donation, so that girls can receive the most appropriate care and care.

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The Ministry of Education announced this month that it will inject a total of about 102 million yuan. Since August 1 this year, the new semester will implement the "Friendly Provision of Multiple Physiological Products Plan" to distribute sanitary napkins and other multiple sanitary products to disadvantaged students. The new policy is on the way Currently, the Municipal Education Bureau will allocate the donated sanitary napkins to the schools in various countries, and the school will evaluate the distribution objects and storage locations. In principle, the stocks will be prepared in the health care rooms (health centers) and toilets of each school to provide immediate supply. students use.