Due to the decreasing demand in the market, many farmers had to destroy their potato crop in the field itself.


This time due to the record production of potato, there is a huge fall in its price.

This may have brought relief to the common people, but it has become a big disaster for the farmers.

Farmers are shying away from keeping potatoes in cold storage.

Farmers say that the price of potato has fallen so much at this time that it has become difficult for them to extract the cost of potato.

Even due to the decreasing demand in the market, many farmers had to destroy their potato crop in the field itself.

Why is potato being sold at throwaway prices?

To know this, NDTV team reached the farm of a farmer Surendra Singh in Babugarh, about 10 km from Hapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Potato was being extracted from the field here, but its buyers are not available in the market.

The situation is such that the price of 50 kg bag is available at Rs 300 to 350 only.

Means potatoes are being bought at Rs.6 to 7 per kg only.

Farmer Surendra Singh told NDTV about the huge fall in the price of potatoes, 'The condition of the market is bad.

No one is ready to buy potatoes.

There are lines in the cold storage.

Earning is not as much as the cost incurred in production.

The government claims to have doubled the income of the farmers, but in fact the income has decreased further.

Surendra Singh further says, 'The income of the farmers has automatically decreased.

Wages have automatically increased.

The rent of cold storage has automatically increased.

Nothing increased for the farmer.

Problems have only increased.

Due to fall in the prices of potatoes in western Uttar Pradesh, farmers are facing huge losses.

Another farmer Jitendra Singh had planted Chipsona potato in his 20 bigha field.

It cost about 16 to 17 thousand rupees per bigha.

But the total price of his potato production is only Rs 12,000.

That's why they are going to keep their potatoes in cold storage instead of selling them in mandis.

In a conversation with NDTV, Jitendra Singh says, 'This time the situation is bad.

The market is slow.

It is also becoming difficult to extract the cost.

Chipsona is first quality potato, it is being sold in the market for around Rs.400.

Even the cost is not sitting in this much.

Some potato farmers say that the cost of growing one kilo of potato comes to seven to eight rupees.

But due to not being able to meet the cost, they are not even digging potatoes.

In this, the expenditure on wages is becoming a bone of their neck.

In many places, farmers are either destroying the crop or leaving it in the field like this.

Waiting for better prices ahead.

The same condition of potato is being seen in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and many other states of the country.

The price of potato has fallen by 60 to 76 percent.

Last year, where the rate of potato was running at Rs 10, this time the same price has reduced to Rs 4.

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