As the price of eggs soars, some netizens believe that it is a good deal to buy tea eggs in supermarkets for only 10 yuan.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The wholesale price of eggs broke through a record high today, from 52 yuan per catty to 55 yuan. Some netizens said on PTT that a box of 10 raw eggs in supermarkets is priced at 169 yuan. In contrast, tea eggs sold in supermarkets One is only 10 yuan, "really too Buddha heart".

Netizens bluntly said on PTT that there is a shortage of eggs now, but a box of 10 raw eggs in supermarkets costs 169 yuan, and boiled tea eggs in supermarkets only cost 10 yuan. I recommend everyone to buy them off the shelves.

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Netizens responded, "Go to the supermarket to buy tea eggs and ask the breakfast shop to add hamburgers, which saves 5 yuan", "Some supermarkets don't even cook tea eggs", "I don't even have a single egg when I go to the supermarket at night", "Supermarket tea eggs also cost 18 to 20 yuan", "At noon, supermarkets near Hsinchu Railway Station charge 18 yuan for tea eggs", "Fresh eggs are more expensive than tea eggs", "Some supermarkets are business eggs, so it's simple Said that the quality of eggs is different", etc.