Chen Shifen, a scholar in the United States.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Chen Shifen, a professor living in the United States, posted a comment on Facebook under the pseudonym "Weng Darui", accusing Yu Zhenghuang, the investigator of the Hsinchu City Survey Station, Gao Hongan, the Mayor of Hsinchu City, and Ke Zhien, the Kaohsiung Mayor candidate of the Kuomintang, for plagiarism or academic dishonesty. , Gao, and the Kuomintang, which reported on Ke Zhien’s behalf, sued for defamation, but they were not prosecuted. Regarding this, Ong Darui said that he was considering whether to file a “false accusation” against the Kuomintang, and he would continue to pursue Ke Zhien’s plagiarism incident until she Until the due price is paid, I believe that evil will prevail over good.

Ong Darui said in a Facebook post that in July last year, he kicked Ke Zhien on Facebook for plagiarism of journal papers. Defamation and intent to make people not elected, the Beijing Procuratorate has issued a "non-prosecution" sanction. The Beijing Procuratorate has proved that its allegations have considerable evidence and the content is not fictitious. Simply put, Ke Zhien's plagiarism has been found by the prosecutors.

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Ong Darui said bluntly, "Next, I will consider whether to file a "false accusation" against the KMT!

I will continue to pursue Ke Zhien's plagiarism until she pays the due price.

Evil prevails!


Netizens left messages after seeing the post, "Support! The lawsuit of false accusation cannot be let go", "You should sue, don't be hacked by the squid", "I suggest you sue back, no tolerance!", "Yes, good and evil There is always only one truth, there is always only one truth", "There are many evil people in Taiwan, naturally there must be righteous voices, Professor Chen praises", "Professor Weng has worked hard for justice for Taiwan, come on."