Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained how difficult it is to retrain a pilot who previously flew a Soviet aircraft for Western aircraft.

He told about this on his YouTube channel.

"From a Soviet to a Western plane, it is absolutely necessary to retrain. Although the basic piloting skills are always preserved. The difference is only in the technical equipment of the plane. The plane can have a rudder, or it can have a joystick for control. In the West, joysticks are preferred. Therefore, I think to transfer from the Soviet to the Western , which is more difficult, but when undergoing training, it should be easier to fly on Western aircraft. Because there is a more informative piloting system. It is more difficult to learn - it is easier to fly. In this regard, Western aviation has gone ahead of the Soviet one. I am not talking about Russian, because they something was modernized there, something was released," Zhdanov noted.

Earlier, American General Ben Godges told why the US does not hand over F-16s to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the US Congress called the provision of F-16s to Ukraine "an unreasonable use of resources necessary to win the battle."

In turn, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the US House of Representatives, Michael McCaul, said that F-16s could appear in Ukraine at a "decisive and turning point" of the war.

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