The Tainan ship of the Coast Guard continues to search for the missing fishing boat.

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[Reporter Hong Dinghong/Kaohsiung Report] Taiwan's ocean-going fishing boats "Shengfeng 128" and "Lianshengfa" lost contact with a total of 32 people a month ago. Among them, the "Lianshengfa" has been capsized, and the whereabouts of 16 crew members are unknown .

Guan Biling, the chairperson of the Maritime Commission, posted on Facebook today that the Coast Guard has not given up any hope and continues to dispatch the "Tainan Ship" and "Wei Star Ship" to search.

Guan Biling said that the emergency rescue of Taiwan's ocean-going fishing boats in international waters must rely on the joint search and rescue of the international rescue system. Based on the principle of "effectiveness at the nearest location", Taiwan immediately activated the international rescue and ship mutual assistance system. In addition to coordinating neighboring merchant ships and fishing boats to help, the United States, Both Mauritius and the Philippines dispatched planes to assist in the search.

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Guan Biling emphasized that the Coast Guard does not have an air fleet, and must face the issue of establishing an "aviation branch". Although the ships searched in parallel on the sea, "the result is twice the result with half the effort", the Coast Guard did not give up and continued to deploy the "Tainan Ship" and "Wei Star Ship" "search.

Guan Biling pointed out that the coast patrol personnel are dedicated to their duties, caring about the missing crew members, and bearing the expectations of their families. However, because the outside world is not familiar with the "nearby and effective" international rescue mechanism, the family members are suspicious.

Guan Biling thinks of the families of the missing crew members, facing the pain and anxiety of having no news of their loved ones, and questioning the government's handling. She is "deeply sad" and hopes that all walks of life will "cheer up" for the crew of the patrol boats who are searching in the ocean.

The Weixing ship of the Coast Guard continues to search for the missing fishing boat.

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