Considering that Zeng Nan was full of blood and did not use money to lure him, the judge sentenced him to 3 years of probation for crimes such as violating the Children's Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] 15-year-old girl Xiaoyu (pseudonym) is dating a 19-year-old professional soldier surnamed Zeng. Zeng Nan was unable to get tired of being with his girlfriend because he was in the army defending his family and defending the country. He couldn’t disconnect from time to time, but Xiaoyu’s mother found out. After calling the police, it was found out that Zeng Nan and Xiaoyu had had sex three times. The judge considered that he was hot-blooded and not using money to lure him. He violated the regulations on the prevention and control of sexual exploitation of children 3 years probation for other crimes.

The judgment pointed out that Zeng Nan and Xiaoyu started dating in November 2021. As a professional soldier, Zeng Nan could not date Xiaoyu at any time. He stayed in the army to protect his family and country, and he repeatedly begged Xiaoyu to take sexy and nude photos Xiaoyu felt sorry for her boyfriend, and not only took sexy selfies and sent them to Zeng Nan, but even took her mobile phone into the bathroom when she went to take a bath, and broadcasted the picture of herself "washing fragrance" for Zeng Nan to appreciate.

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As a result, Xiaoyu was discovered by her mother during a live broadcast one day while taking a shower. After questioning, Xiaoyu revealed that she was filming for Zeng Nan. Xiaoyu's mother was furious and took her daughter to the police. The young couple had sex three times.

During the trial in the Kaohsiung District Court, Zeng Nan confessed to the crime and actively reached a settlement with Xiaoyu and her family. After being forgiven by the family, the judge believed that Zeng Nan was only 19 years old and was at the age of ignorance of sexual matters. Xiaoyu asked her to send sexy images, and her scale of getting along with the opposite sex was unreasonable. What she did was unreasonable, but considering that the two were in a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, and they were not seduced by money or benefits, her sentence was reduced according to the law.

For the three sex acts, the judge sentenced Zeng Nan to 4 months in prison each. The judge sentenced Zeng Nan to imprisonment for 4 months each. For the part of luring the teenager to take nude photos and live broadcast the bathing part, he was sentenced to 1 year and 7 months in prison for the crime of luring the juvenile to make obscene electronic signals, and the sentence was suspended for 3 years. He should receive legal education 3 sessions, subject to appeal.