All walks of life are competing for the 2024 presidential position. Lu Xiuyan responded today that "success does not have to be my fault, but unity must be my fault."

(Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] The KMT’s candidate for the 2024 presidential election is still undecided. Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan has also been named repeatedly. Lu Xiuyan officially stated on the presidential election today (2) that "success does not have to be my fault, but unity must have me." Lu Xiuyan emphasized, In the current KMT and non-green coalition, there are quite a lot of good candidates. "They are more willing to take on the responsibility than me." She will give blessings and try her best to help unite before and after the primary election. This job is even more important to her. Significant.

Lu Xiuyan, who is highly popular in Central Taiwan, won re-election in the nine-in-one election last year with a gap of 200,000 votes. The KMT is competing for next year's presidential election. In addition to New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, Lu Xiuyan has also been named repeatedly. Many people support her to challenge for the presidency. Or "Hou Lu Pei", etc. Lu Xiuyan was interviewed by an online program yesterday and said that she would definitely not choose a deputy. She also "has no thought or plan" for the 2024 presidential election. Today she was asked again if the Kuomintang Will the call-up consider playing?

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Lu Xiuyan made it clear that there is no such situation at present; she said that because there are quite a lot of good candidates in the current Kuomintang and non-green coalition, "they are more willing to take responsibility than me", so she will give blessings and Try to help unite before and after the primary election, "this work is more meaningful to me."

Lu Xiuyan said that at present, she hopes to focus on the governance of Taichung City and the central region. "Success does not have to depend on me, but unity must depend on me." She will try her best to assist unity.

When asked if she had no intention of competing for the 2024 presidential position because of the fear of being labeled as a "runner", Lu Xiuyan also denied it. She said that in the election of legislator Wang Hongwei and the previous two elections, many members of the legislature turned to legislators and succeeded , She believes that voters will go beyond these and vote for the most suitable national leaders. Voters have surpassed these tangible restrictions, because the quality of Taiwanese voters is very high.

Lu Xiuyan said that the KMT is now eager to have a good candidate. She hopes to simplify the complexity. She does not need to join, but she will help to make good candidates come out as soon as possible and be more united. This work is more meaningful; I believe that Taichung City will play a more objective role, and the Taichung municipal government or the county municipal work of the regional governance platforms of counties and cities in central China will receive more care and assistance. She has expressed her goodwill and hopes that all The political parties, the central government, and the local government can all pay more attention to and assist Taichung City or the central region. I believe this is the best arrangement for the central region.