At the end of last year, the Kaohsiung City Youth Bureau invited well-known Hong Kong companies to hold an employment matchmaking meeting at the Kaohsiung New Media Talent Center.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung Good Salary - New Media Talent Employment Matchmaking Conference is scheduled to be held on the afternoon of March 16 in the auditorium of Fengshan Administrative Center in Gaoshi City. 22 companies, such as Dream Times, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Shunfa Computer, and Lion Travel Agency, provide hundreds of job vacancies. Young job seekers are welcome to sign up.

According to the Youth Bureau, the theme of this employment matchmaking meeting is new media, and the 22 participating companies provide job openings related to new media such as marketing, planning, editorial, e-commerce, and visual design.

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Other vacancies vary depending on the type of enterprise. For example, the semiconductor manufacturer Yageo also offers vacancies for process, R&D, and equipment engineers; Dream Times Shopping Center, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Shunfa Computer and other department stores and retail businesses also have outlets and business vacancies. Personnel, etc., young job seekers in the south who are interested in the marketing field must not miss it.

Zhang Yili, director of the Youth Bureau, said that with the advent of new media generations, the Youth Bureau established the "K-TV Kaohsiung New Media Talent Cultivation Center" to establish new media functions for young people. The ability to find a job smoothly allows young people who are interested in new media-related work to enter high-quality companies in Kaohsiung. It also cultivates talents for companies and helps companies solve the problem of hard-to-find talents.

In addition to job matching, the event site also provides job seekers with resume and health check-up services, and invites 104 Job Bank HR Chief Zhong Wenxiong to share the job trend of the new media industry; the Youth Bureau reminds that the event is a closed space with a large number of people, please wear a mask on site.

For detailed event information and registration, please visit the official website of Kaohsiung New Media Talent Cultivation Center or call 07-7990829 for inquiries.