The Security Service exposed and blocked three more schemes of evasion of the draft by Ukrainians, among the organizers of which is a commission member of the Kyiv Regional Bureau of Medical and Social Examination.

The SBU pre-service informs about this.

Investigative operations took place in several regions of Ukraine, as a result of which seven organizers of the riots were exposed.

For money, they offered conscripts to avoid mobilization on the basis of forged health documents and by illegally crossing the border.

The average cost of such "services" was from 2 to 8 thousand dollars.

The price depended on the number of people and the type of document.

Kyiv region

In the Kyiv region, members of the regional office of MSEK were exposed, who, for a monetary reward, issued disability groups for men of conscription age.

Vinnytsia region

In Vinnytsia region, a group of persons who forged medical certificates with details of hospitals located in the occupied territories of the south and east of Ukraine for their "clients" were neutralized.

Among the organizers of the scheme are a teacher of an educational institution, a doctor and an IT specialist.


In Zakarpattia Oblast, two residents of Rakhiv district were detained.

They offered the "evaders" to escape to the EU through the river, which is located on the border. The cost of the "services" also included life jackets.

An investigation is currently underway to bring perpetrators to justice under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

  • illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine;

  • abuse of power or official position;

  • abuse of influence.

How evaders try to escape abroad

We will remind you that some Ukrainians who are conscripted are trying to avoid mobilization and escape to other countries. 

Previously, the DPSU told the funniest stories about evaders. 

On February 25, the bus drivers promised the evader to take him abroad and arranged a "quest" for the border guards.

A month ago, on the border with Hungary, a fraudster who pretended to be a woman was detained.

The man was dressed in women's clothes and even painted his nails.

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